The Exclusive Manufacturer,
Exporter and Supplier of NDAK(Burma)
Marble Blocks, Tiles, Slabs, Other finishes.

Burmastone was established with the objective of producing and supplying unique top quality Burma marble. Burmastone exclusively owns two marble mines& quarries located in NDAK£®A special zone controlled by New Democratic Army, Kachin federation£©, Burma. Our mines and quarries are located 60kms from the P.R China border(ZiZhi port, ZiZhi village, GuDong town, TengChong, YunNan province, P.R China) less than 100kms from the core exploitation area of Burma jade. The stark difference between the day and night time temperature coupled with the unique south Asia rainy season which lasts five months a year make the marble exploited in Burma unquestionably unique in its appearance and undeniably appealing in terms of its quality. The quality of marble produced by Burmastone is internationally competitive in terms of color, consistency, water absorption and strength. We are also delighted to announce that we are now diversifying our strategic plan to include exporting to Europe and have enlisted the consultancy firm Global Network Consultancy to oversee this diversification.

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